What is boxing and what are the basic rules of boxing?

Boxing is a very popular sport played around the world and has also become a trend for people who want the weight loss or to get in a shape. Boxing has created the world famous sportsmen like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, and Audley Harrison.

What is boxing?

Boxing is a sport that involves two players with gloved hands by throwing punches at each other in a contest of strength, endurance, reflexes, speed and will. This sport game has been played for thousands of years and even there is an evidence for the occurrence of boxing in ancient Egypt. This sport was first appeared as the official Olympic event in 688 BC in the 23rd Olympiad.

In the industry of fitness, there are numbers of boxing gyms worldwide which can be joined by any interested people. This sport would seem more similar to the aerobics or aerobic exercise, which involves the muscle activities, stressing the cardiovascular system in a better way, and increase the breathing rate of a person.

What are the rules to be followed in the professional boxing sport?

The professional boxing has no universally accepted rules to follow, each country has its own set of rules and some of the common rules are:

  • The boxer ring should be no greater than 66ft squared with the four corner posts.

  • The boxers must wear the leather padded gloves and must weigh between 8 and 10 ounces in the professional fights.

  • A referee should be present in the boxer ring.

  • A boxer should not hug or wrestle the opponent and also he should not punch the opponent below the waist.

  • If the boxer gets knocks down, he must stand on his own and if a boxer stands helplessly on the ropes, it is also considered as the knocked down.

  • If any boxer fails to get up and continue the contest within the allotted time, then the contest comes to an end.

  • The ringside doctor or the referee has the right to decide whether the boxer is fit to continue the contest or to stop the contest.

  • Any boxer is not allowed to punch the opponent boxer who is knocked down.

However, most of these rules do not apply for the people who practice boxing as an aerobic exercise.

What are the requirements of the professional boxers?

For professional boxing, all the boxers should have reached the target weight for the category and should pass the medical examination. There are 12 Olympic weight divisions for men in boxing:

  • Light flyweight – maximum of 48kg (106lb)

  • Flyweight – maximum of 51kg (112lb)

  • Bantamweight – maximum of 54kg (119lb)

  • Featherweight – maximum of 57kg (126lb)

  • Lightweight – maximum of 60kg (133lb)

  • Light welterweight – maximum of 63.5kg (140lb)

  • Welterweight – maximum of 67kg (148lb)

  • Light middleweight – maximum of 71kg (157lb)

  • Middleweight – maximum of 75kg (166lb)

  • Light heavyweight – maximum of 81kg (179lb)

  • Heavyweight – maximum of 91kg (201lb)

  • Super heavyweight –any weight more than 91kg(201lb)

For women, there are only 3 weight divisions in Olympics -flyweight, lightweight and middleweight.